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Historic Association Liechtenstein

Historic Association Liechtenstein was established in December 2009 in the Czech Republic. Based on the approval of His Serene Highness Hans-Adam II Reigning Prince von und zu Liechtenstein (Sept. 28, 2009) the Association can use as its sign a great coat of arms of the Liechtensteins with the name of the Association in Czech language or in forreign language. 


The objectives of Historic Association Liechtensteins are as follow:

1.  The historic analyses and presentation of information about history and heritage of the princely house of the Liechtensteins in the Czech Republic and in the Central Europe and the presentation of  history of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

2.  The care about historic and natural monuments connected with the princely house of the Liechtensteins in Central Europe.


In order to fulfil these objectives the Association co-operates with similar associations, universitties and national monuments authoritties in the Czech Republic and abroad. The Historic Association Liechtenstein is non-profit organisation.